Eliminators , Louvers & Air Diffusers

PVC Mist Eliminators / Louvers for Humidification and Ventilation systems

A wide range of PVC Eliminators and Louvers for use in Air washers, Humidification plants, Ventilation systems, Air handling units, Cooling towers, Cooling coils and such diverse applications to serve Textile, Cement, Power, Coal and many other industries.

Mist Eliminators are used in applications where the purpose is to increase humidity in supply air, to reduce air temperature, to remove dust from air supply or a mix of two or more of these factors.

Extruded from the best available PVC in India on twin screw extruders of Kabra ExtrusionTechnik (Kolsite – Battenfeld collaboration), our images are made to give a trouble free service for years. The material is recommended for a maximum continuous operating temperature of 60o C due to inherent properties of the material, Poly Vinyl Chloride.

The eliminators are available in tailor made lengths. The customer has a choice of having the material packed in Corrugated cartons covered with jute packing which gives a low cost packing suitable for normal handling in road transport but has a risk of breakage of some pieces in transit and breakage free transit cannot be guaranteed OR Wooden crates which offer good protection against the rough and tumble of road transport, but at a higher cost of packing and added cost of transportation due to increased weight and volume of packing.
Eliminators can be installed by fixing into spacer bars / notched plates / combs which are fixed on PVC stiffeners / G.I. angles supported on side walls

  • fixing into boxes made of PVC stiffeners / G.I. angles
  • fixing into boxes made of G.I. / Aluminium sheets
  • Louvers can be installed by fixing them into special frames made of PVC stiffeners / G.I. angles.

We have developed fixing material in which all load bearing M.S. material is completely encased by PVC, avoiding costly hot dip galvanizing process. As the basic design of existing system of fixing on M.S. angles is maintained, there is no change in the manner in which eliminators / louvers are being installed at present. Corrosion which cannot be prevented even with costly surface treatment processes, has a limited effect on this type of fixing materials. Design has been modified to discard bolting requirements wherever possible.


Air Diffusers

PVC diffusers are excellent replacement for diffusers made of M.S. or extruded aluminium.

Sections are made from the best quality PVC by extrusions and fabricated into square / rectangular diffusers, available without volume control dampers at present. Thousands of these diffusers are in operation with humidification plants of leading plant manufacturers and end users.

PVC is unaffected by moisture and problems caused by corrosion are avoided even when diffusers are installed in humid environment constantly, making unnecessary costly painting, galvanizing or powder coating processes resulting in substantial saving in cost while giving a comparable or better working life.

Low weight of these diffusers reduces load on false ceilings.

These diffusers are available in any size in square or rectangle configuration with flush or step down design to suit designer’s requirements. Step can be ½” or 1” as required by customer.

We have following configuration for distance of various components of diffusers. While sending an enquiry or placing an order, please specify duct size or border size, our border size being 70 mm higher than duct size.